Friday, September 22, 2006

Why are we still pretending that these people can be reasoned with? By quoting someone who said Mohammed was violent and evil, the peace loving Muslims go absolutely buggy. Sure we killed some people and we WILL kill you, but it's your fault for saying something we don't like. WHAT?!

The simple fact of the matter is that at least 110 MILLION of these rabid dogs are out there. How many more agree with them but don't have the guts to actually cut someone's head off so they just give money, shelter etc. to the nutjobs? Why do we hem and haw and do our best not to say the truth out loud? Islam is a religion of murder. It always has been. From the day it was started it was spread by war. Has anything changed?

The sheik is right about two things. We are afraid. And we are losing. We are afraid to admit that this is a religious war. Islam declared war on the US and Israel and anyone who will not submit to their rule. If they want a war, let's give them a war. Quit playing games in Iraq like not killing Al Sadr when we had the chance because it might make the locals angry. They were ALREADY angry, so off the guy. The military is around to kill people and break things. LET THEM DO IT. If you want to throw a rock at our troops..bang. If you want to shoot at our troops..bang. If you hide the people who are trying to kill our troops...bang. Why is this so difficult?

We are afraid of what the "international community" will say or think about us so we hold back, letting our people die needlessly while the Iraqis either kill each other or run away to another country. We refuse to kill those who need killing. The bad guys have no such problems; they kill anybody who's not them. This is why we are losing, and why we will lose, this war. Unless we realize what's really going on, get ready to convert to Islam, maybe pay a tax for not being Islamic, or die.

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