Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This shouldn't surprise me, but it does. What's even worse is the response of the crowd there at The View. They applauded Rosie's comments. When Jesus said that men would revile us and the Bible says that they love darkness rather than light, this is what He was talking about.

The idea that "radical" (that would be you, me and all who actually try to put action to their faith) Christians are as big a threat to our country as Muslims is one that I have heard before. On September 11 or 12th 2001 as a matter of fact. CAIR has tried repeatedly to equate Eric Rudolph and Timothy Mc Veigh with Islamic nutjobs to show that there are threats in any religion. Except that it is false.

Did Christians bomb US Marine barracks in Lebanon?

Did Christians blow a plane out of the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland?

Did Christians float a raft of explosives out to the USS Cole?

Did Christians detonate a bomb in a club in Bali?

Did Christians blow up a senior center in Rio Degenaro?

Did Christians incinerate women and children at weddings, restraunts, busses etc in Israel?

Did Christians attack hotels in Egypt?

Did Christians hijack 4 planes and fly two into the WTC, one into the Pentagon and would've put number four who knows where?

Are Christians raping and slaughtering people in Sudan?

Did Christians kill scores in the London Subway and a bus?

Did Christians bomb trains in Spain?

Did Christians just release a religious order to kill all homosexuals? (Yet Christians are mentioned in that post because saying it is wrong is EXACTLY like killing people.)

Did Christians hatch plans to blow up 10 or so airliners bound for America?

The answer is no. Yet we are constantly lumped into the same category or exalted as being WORSE than Muslims. Why? Because we follow the truth. We preach the truth. Every time they see or hear us they are reminded that they are in sin and, instead of repenting when confronted with that guilt, they lash out at us for "oppressing" them.

They did it to the prophets. They did it to Jesus. They did it to the apostles. Foxe's Book of Martyrs tells tale after tale of it. Revelation says "And it was given to him to make war with the saints, and to prevail over them."

Face it; we are not welcome here. This world is NOT our home. This is just where we work.


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