Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Humana is the Worst Insurance Company Ever!!

I need to vent, so here's the place to do it. I am so sick of people who can not think for themselves but simply go by the matter what. This isn't entirely about that but...

A week and a half ago my Mom had her second stroke in 6 months. It wasn't catastrophic but she has some impairment. The doctors decided to put her in rehab before sending her home. That's great. I want Mom to be able to live the liestyle she's used to. If it takes a couple weeks in a rehab facility to achieve that so be it.

Then, on Monday, Mom's best friend died. When I say "best friend" I mean had dinner with her every night (or nearly) for three to five years and they have known each other for 30ish years. Obviously, Mom wants to go to the funeral or at least the visitation. Medicare would allow it, on a special pass with permission from her doctor.

Humana won't. If she leaves for any reason that there is a record of, their stance is she doesn't need to be there at all and won't pay for her time there after that. This is a "Medicare Replacement" policy. The facility says there's nothing they can do and blames it all on Humana. Humana's Customer Service and the Medical division say she can go and blames it all on the facility. Apparently, they say that then later deny the claim using the pass as the excuse. Her case manager for Humana is actively dodging my calls to get an official word. Of course, the nurses who are so deeply touched by the situation won't do a thing to help. It's easy to "care" when it has no price.

Humana is simply billing for her expenses as a Medicare replacement but adds extra rules on TOP of Federal Law to make more money. If Medicare will allow it, how is it legal for them to deny it?

So, Mom can't see her best friend buried. Mom cries. This makes me want to hit people in the mouth. Repeatedly. I may make an adult cry yet.

I'm against Obama on every subject (except maybe funding new school buildings) but I hope he nationalizes the insurance companies. Right now, I want Humana crushed. They won't even give an old lady three hours for her best friend's funeral.

Of course, this would be moot if the nurses could just let me take her for "a walk". No one would ever know. But again, it's safer to break her heart and tell yourself you're still a good person because the manual said you had to do it.

I feel like the worst son ever.